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10 tips for feeling summer sexy..

The top 10 tips to feel sexy and ready for summer.

1. Always eat breakfast.. It’s simple really, if you eat a filling breakfast you will lose more weight than those who eat a small or no breakfast.  Great breakfast Ideas

2. Eat 3 cups of vegetables and two pieces of fruit a day. Tips to achieve this, fill half of your plate with vegetables or salad at lunch and dinner. Add fruit to your breakfast and snack on vegetables or fruit.  Yummy Vegetable recipes

3. Take time to do your shopping, make a list and think of heathy food and snacks. Have recipes that you want to cook and stock up on the ingredients.  Or start shopping on-line.. Plus shopping on-line can make more time for number 4..

4. Start a small and simple exercise schedule. You don’t have to become a work out junkie !! Just start walking for 30 minutes 3 times a week. If you are eating right why not add the extra “feel good”  of exercising.. Movement = results.

Ideas to add exercise into your day

5. Sit, relax and eat at the dinner table. Eat slowly.

6. Heathy snacks. This comes down to making sure you doing number 3. Organise your shopping so you can only snack on heathy options. My favorite is fruit and nut bars, plus I keep them in my hand bag. This is a great DIY snack recipe

7. Drink green tea after meals, I didn’t know this but if you drink green tea after a meal it will increase your metabolic rate and curb sugar cravings. So when I read this, I have stocked up on green tea in my pantry. (love this tip)

8. Water.. (“Yes, yes I know”. I hear you yelling at me) Water only, not juice, cordial or soft drinks, these extra sugars can add-on extra fat that you don’t want this summer. Drink between 1 to 2 litres of water a day.

9. Control your carbs ( this is something that will be so hard for me, I love my carbs). So I think if I can do it you can too. The aim is to have the best quality bread, crackers and cereals. Control the portion – LESS CARBS MORE SALAD and VEGIES.

10. Get motivated!!!

These are great long-term keys for you to improve your life and help you feel summer sexy.


 I hope I have given some extra tips and motivation you may need to feel sexy. I am starting today. Watch out summer, I am going to wear a bikini with confidence.

Simone xx

{source – Susie Burrell and Women’s Health Magazine }

Outdoor Lovin’

The outdoors are great this time of year for a lunch in the shade of a tree or dinner on a warm evening. It makes the occasion relaxed and casual. Last time we had friends over for a Sunday lunch we pulled the dinning room table into the middle of our back yard and settled in for the afternoon. The kids played around and it was fuss free. I have found some great outdoor styling ideas for your next Sunday lunch or dinner gathering. 

It’s spring!! I love having flowers on the table.

This is relaxing and fun with a splash coral coloured pillows.

 Something a little more formal for a dinner party?

And a hammock… For pure relaxation.

“Lovin’ the outdoors”

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{source – vintage rose pinterst, frolic pinterst, styleme pretty pinterst, kas Australia}

Add colour to your Friday!

It’s Friday so let’s have fun with colour… Me, I love white (boring I know) but some times it is great to add colours to your Let’s rediscover colour!!

What is the colour you are always drawn to?














I hope you rediscovered colour.. Have a colourful Friday and weekend

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Bohemian Style

Bohemian style is not all about hippy’s sitting around with flowers in their hair wearing tie dyed clothes.

The modern Bohemian has a relaxed style and is a BoHo Beauty. The modern BoHo beauty can look up to fashion icon Nicole Richie and this modern take is on the bohemian style is hitting the cat walks of today. This free sprint style is super relaxed, mixing graphic and flower prints, soft hair styles with natural make up. Don’t forget this BoHo style can be brought into your relaxed and comfortable home decor. Again using bright colours, mixing prints and recycling furniture with loads of BoHo charm.

Some fun inspirations to bring out your inner BoHo



Simone xx


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Living in the world of neutral colours

Neutrals colours don’t have to be dull or uninteresting. Layering is what make neutrals work. Layer with different colour shades, textures and accessories. The palette of neutrals colours that make an instant style are ecru, khaki, timber, black, greys (into your home not hair) and soft shades of white. Neutrals are a standout for your

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